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If you’re looking for a date but haven’t a cent to spend or the time to go crawling the “usual dating haunts” then might be your fairy god mother. It’s a free dating website that allows its members to flirt, chat and potentially hook up, without costing a thing.
Well that’s not, strictly speaking, true. Even a free site will require that you pay in time, and that’s a precious commodity. How does Web Date fair, then, in finding you a date without wasting your time? Well, it doesn’t do a bad job: a basic search should give you enough results to keep you busy, and many members have uploaded photos and filled in their profiles. The problems come when you start to look at them in more detail because many profiles seem to have gone unused for quite some time and you’re not necessarily going to get as many responses as you might initially think. This is one of the problems with a free dating website: because it’s free you find that many people will create and abandon their profile in a short time, so you find a lot of useless profiles floating in the ether. The quality of photographs is variable but some are downright appalling quality and you cannot get an idea of what the member looks like, even though these photos appear to have been verified by admin staff.

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But let’s assume you do find one or two people who you are interested in getting to know. This site allows you to send messages, comment on a profile or be involved in a video chat. The video chat option is particularly interesting as it’s not a feature you find everywhere. Beyond this feature, though, there are few others to talk about. You can see who is online (which is useful if you want to get chatting to someone right away) or view a dating compatibility (“Dateability”) list which will suggest members who you might like based on their looks, personality and how often they are online. It’s another way to browse users, and potentially a good means of seeing profiles that you would otherwise bypass.